• 2016 : Best Course in Cambodia, World Golf Awards
  • 2014 - 2016 : Best Course in Cambodia, Asian Golf Awards
  • 2015 : IAGTO Excellence Award.
  • 2014 : Best Course in Cambodia, Asian Golf Awards 
  • 2014 : Top 3 Maintained Course in Asia Pacific, Asian Golf Monthly
  • 2012 - 2016 : Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence.
  • 2012 : Best Golf Course in Cambodia, Golf Digest USA.
  • 2011 : Top 10 Best Maintained Golf Course, Asian Golf Awards
  • 2011 : The Rolex Worlds's Top 1000 Golf Courses.
  • 2009 : Audobon International Certification For Environmental Planning.
  • 2008 : Best New Course, Runner Up, Asian Golf Awards

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Sam Veasna Center for Wildlife Conservation carries a bird survey at Angkor Golf Resort

Hunter turtles find sanctuary at Angkor Golf Resort and primary school.




Amateur Record : Putt Sridama 66 13/7/14 - Faldo Series 2014

Professional Record:  Chinnarat Phadungsil 64 15/3/12 - Faldo Series 2012

Hole in one: Dear players congratulations on your successful achievement in scoring a hole in one at Angkor Golf Resort !

26TH April 2008

Mr. Kim Young Chul 
On hole 17th

17th Aug 2008

Mr. Park Jun Li 
On hole 17th

1st Feb 2010 

Mrs. Barbara Robertson 
On hole 12th from red tee

15th March 2012, Handa Faldo Cambodian Classic 

Mr. Jay Bayron
On hole 9th

8th October 2012 

Mr. Gwak Min Yeong 
On hole 12th

22nd December 2012 

Ms. Yoon Soung Cho 
On hole 17th

13th June 2013 

Mr. Im Reahul 
On hole 9th

5th January 2014 

Mr. Park Young Ju 
On hole 9th

4TH MAY 2014

Mr. Ho Shui Yuan 
On hole 17th

27TH October 2015

Mr. Alan Martin (Pro) 
On hole 17th (Black Tee)

6th May 2008

Mr. Kim Ho Young 
On hole 17th

8th December 2008

General I Chhean 
On hole 9th

19th March 2011 

Mr. Yasuo Matsuda 
On hole 9th

2nd April 2012 

Mr. Borhan Bin Ujang 
Double hole in one in one round on holes 12th and 17th

10th November 2012 

Mr. Chhor Marith 
On hole 4th

14th January 2013 

Mr. Lim Hyeong Kyu 
On hole 4th

4th August 2013 

Mr. Sar Thet 
On hole 4th

7th February 2014

Mr. Koh Sang Won 
On hole 4th

17TH AUGUST 2014

Ms. Noh Jin Suk
On hole 9th and 17th

26TH November 2016

Mr. Timothy Holten
On hole 12th


21th May 2008

Mr. Prom Path 
On hole 4th

16th Aug 2009 Angkor Amateur Open 09

Mr. Dillard Cheek 
On hole 17th from blue tee

18th Feb 2012 

Ms. Park Soon Ok 
On hole 9th

7th April 2012

Mr. Sang Mi Ae 
On hole 12th

16th November 2012 

Mr. Lee Hong 
On hole 12th

4th April 2013 

Mr. Cha Seung Youn 
On hole 17th

17th August 2013

Mr. Sar Thet 
On hole 4th

29TH MArch 2014

Mr. Chung Chil Tae 
On hole 12th


Mr. Jo Jeong Duk 
On hole 12th


Mr. Eum Soosuk
On hole 17th